By Stephen Kalema

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence is set to release Yusuf Kawooya, the Uganda Young Democrat member who was brutally arrested last week.

The Nakawa Member of Parliament, Michael Kabaziguruka confirmed to the press that Kawooya will be reunited with his family soon.

Kabaziguruka spearheaded the negations with the CMI to have Kawooya released.

“We have talked with the CMI officials and they have promised us that they have him and they will release him not later than today. However, we do not know why they arrested him. We are worried about his condition although we were told we shouldn’t worry,” said Kabaziguruka

Paul Kakande, Kawoya’s lawyer on Monday also confirmed will be released today.

“We are going to count on their word and hope he will be released today; if not, we are considering filing a legal suit demanding his release,” said Kakande

However Kakande said the delay of producing Kawooya has a great implication that he might be in sorry state following the torture he endured.

“We suspect Kawooya was brutalized and that is why security agencies can not present him to the public until they have treated him to be presentable,” he said.

On Saturday five soldiers who were involved in the arrest of Kawooya on Thursday were arraigned before the Military Court in Mbuya and charged with conduct prejudicial to discipline of the defence forces. They all pleaded guilty and admitted to have used excessive force during the arrest.