By Stephen Kalema

Yusuf Kawooya, the member of the Uganda Young Democrats has been released from military confinement.

Kawooya was brutally arrested last week by plain clothed security operatives in broad day light and held incommunicado at an unnamed military facility. Upon release, his family took him straight to hospital because he said he was in too much pain.
Nakawa Division legislator Michael Kabaziguruka who spearheaded the move of free Kawooya, confirmed the news, saying; “I have secured police bond and they have released him thanks for your prayers.”

Now the army says he will be produced in court.
Defense deputy spokesman Lt Col Deo Akiki did not divulge when he will appear in court or what he will be charged  with.
“Please more about Kawooya will be known when he is produced in courts of law let’s just be patient,” Col Akiki told Watchdog Uganda on Wednesday.On Tuesday, the Democratic Party (DP) has dismissed a video that shows four men who allegedly tortured Yusuf Kawooya before an army disciplinary unit as fake..

According to DP president general Norbert Mao, party leaders with the help of experts reviewed the video footage of the army officers during Kawooya’s arrest and discovered that the suspects are not the same with those the army produced in the court.