Dictators deliberately use alcohol to impoverish and mentally weaken youth. Alcoholism was central in Hitler and Mussolini’s dictatorship.
Museveni Yoweri, his relatives and those he works closely with don’t drink alcohol (apart from widely reported drinking by his son). But just like any other dictator, he relishes it to community to help him hold to power knowing a compromised community of poor drunkards is easy to rule. As you mentally sleep—he takes all oil cash.
They design strategies to enslave citizens mentally, physically and financially. Alcohol, drugs and betting are centre in this strategy.
Through uneven job distribution, racism, over taxation and high prices Museveni has made earning so hard yet spending so easy through “freedom of movement” and cheap and easily available booze. It’s called democratic dictatorship.
It’s by strategy that there is no control over night life, un-abated boozing and betting. It’s by plan that it’s so expensive to buy water than alcohol in Uganda.
Rather than struggling to get services for the youth, Government decided to use cheap ALCOHOL, sports betting and “night freedom” as her agents for SELF DESTRUCTION AND CITIZEN IMPOVERISHMENT.
Through Alcohol dictators:
• Creates a fantasy feel of freedom amongst the youth (Denies them all freedom apart from freedom of self destruction).
• Drains youth of any money on them (Through bars and betting and unnecessary entertainment)
• Weakens youth productivity (With cheap lethal Alcohol and false wealth hope in betting/ Kapapula)
• Get revenue to keep them in power (Promotes akaveera off which he taxes even the poorest drunkard).
The lead cause of poverty is over spending, the major cause of over spending is excitement. The lead cause of excitement is Alcohol which is also the fastest way one’s brains are lost. This works for a dictator as it diverts attention from government wrongs to fantasy life.
To mentally imprison youth, Government even goes an extra mile to sponsor self—destructive TV programs dedicated to encouraging un-necessary spending mbu “Kulya Kash”, Kla Carnival, Bucket night etc.
While Alcohol manufacturers and bar operators benefit from un—regulated alcohol sales we loose youth to poor health, cancer and being less productive both at work—and in bed.
POWER WITHOUT CONTROL IS DESTRUCTIVE. We need a control to regain productivity especially amongst youth and have sane minds. It’s only sane minds that can fight sane dictatorship. Let’s get out the dictators trap.

The writer is a Mukono District Democratic Party administrator