By Watchdog reporter

Today we are glad to bring you a list of Members of Parliament who have never bothered to speak a single word on the floor of the 10thParliament.

We all understand the core role for an MP in parliament; he or she is supposed to represent the people in his constituency by airing out pressing issues affecting his people so that they could be solved by the state but not just sitting in parliamentary chairs waiting for sitting allowances and monthly pay.

To some of you it may be a surprise, to see a man or a woman you whole hardheartedly voted for thinking he would be the one to talk about the never ending potholes in your area but my friend just sit back and chill. Most of these people only care about their hungry stomachs.

Celebrity MPs like Kato Lubwama , Apollo Kantinti, Judith Babirye, Idah Nantaba, Byandala have managed to top the shame list with distinctions.

For Kato Lubwama it is not a surprise since he found his way to parliament by ‘force’ using his terror gang known as Solida. If you remember very well during campaigns, Paul asked voters to give him a chance to parliament so that he could also enjoy some free cash like other lucky MPs so from the word go, Lubwama’s intention was not to represent his people rather to satisfy his personal needs.

And when it comes to Kantinti, we all understand what happened too him a few weeks back; now days he stares at parliament from a distance after being kicked out from Kyadondo parliamentary seat.

Well for Judith Babirye, she only ‘resurrected’ recently during her concert at Serena Hotel but short of that, in parliament she acts as a spectator.

For Erios Nantaba in one way or the other she has an excuse to rely on. Who doesn’t know that the Kayunga MP is busy fighting a fellow minister Persis Namuganza in the name of saving people’s land from land grabbers?

Then ‘poor’ Abraham Byandala ever since he lost his ministerial post and implicated in corruption scandals, the Katikamu MP decided to keep a low profile not only in the public eye but also in parliament; talking in parliament is now his taboo.

Here is a list of mouth zipped MPs;

1.Kato Lubwama Paul-Rubaga south
2. Lukyamuzi David Kalwanga- Busujju
3. Abraham Byandala James-Katikamu
4. Galabuzi Dennis Ssozi-Busiro North
5. Kabaziguruka Michael-Nakawa
6. Maj. Kakooza Joseph-Buwekula
7. Kantinti Apollo (recently kicked out of parliament)-Kyadondo
8. Kasozi Ibrahim Biribawa- Makindye East
9. Katushabe Ruth- Bukomansimbi North
10. Kibule Ronald- Mukono North
11. Kusasira Peace Kanyesigye- Woman MP Mukono
12. Mirembe Daphine Lydia- Woman MP Butambala
13. Carol Birungi Nanyondo-Woman MP Kalangala
14. Nakate Segukjja Lillian- Woman MP Luwero
15. Namujju Cissy Dionizia- Woman MP Lwengo
16. Nanyondo Veronica- Woman MP Bukomansimbi
17. Nantaba Erios Idah- Kayunga
18. Nayebale Sylvia- Woman MP Gomba
19. Seguya Lubyayi John Bosco- Mawokota South
20. Sekindi Aisha- Woman MP Kalungu
21. Ssebikaali Yoweri Joel- Ntwetwe
22. Haruna KasoloKyeyune- Kyotera
23. Judith Babirye- Woman MP Buikwe

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