By Herbert Bukenya

While appearing on a popular local TV show, Kato Lubwama an acclaimed artiste in his own right and MP Rubaga South  was asked what he thinks about Weasel and if he considers him an artiste to which he had a rather interesting reply.

Kato Lubwama said Weasel is not an artiste but just a rapper who talks through songs, he adds that for one to be called a musician they need serious training to be able to sing unless they are so gifted naturally which is rare.

In response to Kato Lubwama, Weasel said Kato Lubwama is not his level reminding Ugandans of his numerous nominations and awards that include among others BET, Channel O and MTV to mention but a few although many would say it was all because of his late colleague Mosey Radio.

He said Kato Lubwama qualifies to be his father so he can’t even waste time commenting about him as he will be giving the ageing artiste free publicity.

Weasel also accused the politician of eating free public funds as his parliament salary while never contributing anything in the August house besides small talk in corridors. He concluded by advising him to eat his easy political money in peace and leave them artistes who are still in the industry to make music.