By Watchdog reporter

Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama sensing anger from the Ugandan public over his statements, has offered to explain himself.
The comedian turned politician is telling whoever wants to listen to him that he was misunderstood.
Lubwama told Ugandans in US attending UNAA convention that he was quoted out of context.
The freshman MP told the media before he flew out of the country that Ugandans complaining about the cost of vehicles for MPs were suffering from poverty mentality.
Many sober people think although he had a point, he wasn’t sensitive to the plight of Ugandans.
The comments of Kato led Kizza Besigye to criticize him when he was addressing his supporters in London last week.
Lubwama says MPs deserved even more expensive vehicles given their status and those against the Shs150 millions vehicles were just envious.