By Watchdog reporter

Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama has named a senior Forum for Democratic Change official as being behind the campaign to demonize some members of the 10th August House.

Kato Lubwama said while appearing on Bukedde tv on Monday night that Turinawe is fighting a war against Parliament because she failed to make it to the House and could not convince fellow FDC people from swearing in.

Kato, who says he’s one of the leaders of a new generation, defended himself against the onslaught that he was vulgarising Parliament and abusing its privileges.

He said it seems Ugandans didn’t welcome his becoming a member of Parliament, explaining that since his election, people on social media have been attacking him relentlessly.

Lubwama, however, vowed to continue doing what he can for his constituents in Lubaga South who gave him the mandate to lead them.