By Watchdog reporter
Lubaga South MP Kato Lubwama has accused Forum for Democratic Change party for spearheading a campaign to malign his name into the mud.
The MP says he knows people of the FDC party were not happy with him.
“It is bad to be envious of my achievements. I told you some people were jealous of me,” he told NBS Tv earlier in the day.
Lubwama who says he is enjoying his life, added that people who didn’t go to school cannot speak the English he speaks, and he scoffed at allegations that he failed O-level and didn’t qualify to join A-level and university.
Kato Lubwama who is a graduate of music, dance and drama from Makerere University, says, he will face anyone challenging his education in court.
On Monday morning, newspapers reported that Paulo Kato Lubwama, the Lubaga South MP, could lose his seat after a political activist took him to court claiming he lacks the minimum academic qualifications to be a legislator.
Habib Buwembo, dragged Lubwama to court saying he failed his O-level exams and was not awarded a Uneb certificate and therefore the diploma in Music, Dance and Drama, that he obtained from Makerere University and which he used as a basis for nomination is null and void.
The newspapers went to report that on October 7, Uneb in a letter confirmed that the grades Lubwama obtained at O-level were not sufficient for him to be awarded a certificate.
“Whereas the interpretation of the results of Kato Paulo was not part of the request initially filed by Mr Habib Buwembo, we clarify that having obtained Result 7, the candidate did not qualify for the award of a certificate,” wrote Peter Anywar, an examinations officer, on behalf of the executive secretary of Uneb
.Lubwama sat his O-levels at Old Kampala Secondary School in 1988. He scored F9 in English, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry and got passes in History, Commerce and credits in Political Education, Geography, and Christian Religious Education.
According to Uneb this level of performance earned him result 7. Only candidates whose results fall within division one to four qualify to be given certificate and therefore can proceed to A-level or do other certificate courses.