By Najib Mulema

Since the launch of ‘Kyapa mu ngalo’ campaign aimed at providing titles to people settling on Kabaka land, a lot of criticism and controversies have been brought across by a section of people specifically Tamale Mirundi who works as a special presidential advisor on Media issues and Sheikh Nuhu Muzaata who is the Head of Da’awa in the country.

While appearing on some local television stations, Muzaata and Tamale condemned the ongoing campaign citing that it is meant to exploit poor Ugandans as well as a hidden way to grab people’s land in the future thus discouraging Ugandans from taking part in the campaign.

However, while addressing online media journalists today at Bulange Mengo, the Buganda Premier Charles Peter Mayiga said all people who are criticizing the issue of ‘Kyapa Mu ngalo’ are hypocrites, liars and uninformed aiming at halting Buganda’s plans of making it on top.

“If someone says getting a driving permit is bad yet for him he already has one and he goes for renewal every after three years, really what does that show? It means that person is a liar with a hidden bad intention,”

“People like Mirundi and Muzaata remind me of a book known as Animal farm, where the pigs didn’t want other animals to take milk and eggs yet for them, they were consuming them every day,”

Mayiga who has made four years in office today, further noted that he cannot encounter critics like Tamale Mirundi because they don’t have a strategy adding that Buganda will overcome barriers leveled against it.

On the issue of sending people off Kabaka’s land after the 49 leasehold, Mayiga said Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi cannot send his people away simply ‘a king is a king’ because of his people and on top of that the 49 year’ Kyapa mu ngalo’ has an automatic renewal.

Meanwhile, in the same session Mayiga elaborated his achievements in the four years since his appointment as the Buganda Prime Minister by Kabaka.

First, he spearheaded the building of a perimeter wall on 64 acres of Kasubi Royal Tombs, renovation of caretaker houses, solar installation and piped water at Kasubi. The main mausoleum at Kasubi (MuzibuAzaala-Mpanga) is progressing well. Over 10 houses of caretakers have been renovated and new ones built. A 200,000 litre tank is already in place. Solar power has been installed.

Mayiga finalized the building of Masengere which stalled for over four decades.

He started BBS Terefayina thereby enabling Kabaka’s people to get information that is reliable and accurate about the Kingdom.
He also Reinvented the Kabaka Birthday Run with proceeds going to fistula and sickle cell treatment. Over 30,000 people took part this year.

On the other hand the premier professionalized operations at Bulange and in all counties – all organs working together. Systems have been set up including setting up of auditor general’s office to ensure transparency and accountability. Human resource systems have also ben set up. Ministers and Clan Heads are facilitated to do their work.

He also created partnerships with major companies like Uganda Breweries Ltd who makeNguleLager on behalf of the Kingdom. Airtel , Post Bank, and Centenary Bank among others support Kingdom activities.

On the side of sports, the Masaza Football Cup is now one of the biggest football events in Uganda because of him.Each Ssaza team is facilitated to participate in the tournament.

There is much more unity as exhibited by Ettoffaali and huge turn up at Buganda Kingdom events. People are now closer to SsaabasajjaKabaka and SsaabasajjaKabaka is closer to his people than ever still because of him.

When it comes to Education, Lubiri High School Buloba Campus got a new modern academic building named after NamasoleSaralNalule that will enable it offer decent education to Kabaka’s people.
Housing: Mirembe Villas in Kigo is under construction enabling people to live in organized communities. New affordable housing estates in MayembegaMbogo (Mpigi) and Ssentema (Wakiso) planned.

He also facilitated an agreement with government enabling the Kingdom to get back some of its properties including county headquarters. There is less agitation and fighting with the central government which has enabled the Kingdom to push it’s agenda with less interruption.

The Kabaka is now free to travel to any part of his Kingdom without anybody putting blockades in his way.

The Kingdom is facilitating Bibanja Holders to get leasehold titles to secure and protect their land in a campaign codenamed Ekyapa mu Ngalo.

Those are some of Katikiro Mayiga’s notable achievements.

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