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Uganda ruling party Secretary General has expressed disappointment in the leader of the National Resistance Movement Yoweri Museveni.

Lumumba says she is disappointed that the NRM chairman is doing nothing as chairman of the party’s electoral commission Dr Tanga Odoi insults her.

“Tanga Odoi moved from my lip stick, my dancing, he was going for my waist. I had to respond” said Justine Lumumba at NBS’s Frontline political show.

Dr Odoi returned to haunt Ms Lumumba following the announcement that over 400 NRM staff were to be laid off.

Odoi said his staff at the EC would not go home, accusing Lumumba of creating ghost workers for personal benefit.

Lumumba agreed surprisingly with opposition’s chief whip Semujju Nganda that Museveni was entertaining conflict in government, pointing to fights between Gen Kale Kayihura and Security minister Henry Tumukunde among other fights.

Lumumba said she agreed with Nganda’s assessment since for last three years, Odoi has been attacking her but the party leader did nothing about it.

She added, this time Odoi crossed the line and she couldn’t sit back and watch him go personal with her.

The Secretary General also says she wants more role in the running of national affairs but has no power over people who run the state. Lumumba who sits in cabinet as an ex official says she wants the power to check the proposals and oversee the implementation of government programs.

The show on NBS TV’s #Frontline titled “What lies beneath NRM’s restructuring strategy?” Lumumba told the panel moderated by Kaggwa Njala that the chairman of the electoral commission of NRM Tanga Odoi has been insulting her for the last three years. She added that he this time round went overboard by attacking her waist, lipstick and nail paint.

Ofwono Opondo, the party’s spokesman however said to run NRM you need to have a thick skin.

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