By our reporter

Mr Kassiano Wadri has been sworn in as MP of Arua Municipality two weeks after voters gave him their mandate while he was incarcerated at Gulu Prison.

Wadri was one of the Treason suspects, who were released this week after a spell in jail following violence which erupted in Arua on the even of the by election. President Museveni’s convoy was allegedly attacked and pelted with stones, and one of his vehicles was allegedly damaged.

Kassiano Wadri took the oath before deputy Speaker . He has replaced Ibrahim Abiriga who was killed on June 8 in Kawanda by yet to be known gunmen.

Wadri however says he never came close to Museveni’s convoy let alone see him anywhere in Arua.

While appearing on NBS this morning, the MP elect narrated the ordeal he went through with his colleagues since their arrest.

“I never ever saw president Museveni in Arua, neither did I come close to his motorcade, we were in totally different areas for our rallies but I think what caused problems for us were the large crowds we had.”

Wadri insists his people could not attack the president, but, blames a disappointing rally for NRM for the anger exhibited by security people.

“The NRM rally only had children and I think that’s what annoyed him, how on earth would anybody harm the president, he’s the fountain of honor.”

The MP narrated to the Kamwokya based television the sorrow they went through during the arrest, saying they thought MP Francis Zaake was going to die.

“We were arrested by two sets of security apparatus, after we were showed with teargas and bullets in our hotel rooms, SFC officials arrested the first bunch, they were so unprofessional, that’s where most of my colleagues got hurt. The next butch was of police officers who came with sticks and they were a little professional. The only person who was so hurt in my lot was Hon. Paul Mwiru who was brutally hit on his shoulder. Hon. Bobi Wine was arrested by SFC, he was tortured left, right back to center. No one who was arrested by SFC came out the same, they all had bruises. We actually couldn’t believe Hon. Zaake was still alive, we had to plead with police to take him to Gulu hospital because he was in the worst state. The SFC people are the worst human beings. When Bobi Wine joined us in prison, we were so excited because all of us were dead worried about his condition and whereabouts. When we got the news that the military court tribunal had acquitted all the charges, we were happy.”

Wadri concluded, “The Arua debacle was the most unpleasant incident in my life… We were locked up the whole day with no toilet services, you had to tighten your belt and wait for that one time they let people out.”