Opposition leader in parliament Winnie Kiiza has called on the government to stop creating more districts from Rwenzori region.
Kiiza meeting fellow MPs from Kasese says, creating new districts from Kasese had ill motives. She said Kasese needs unity than division and it’s what local leaders should be working for.
Below she shared her thoughts on Facebook after the meeting:

This morning was joined by my colleagues the Members of Parliament from Kasese District for a Press Conference to address the pertinent issues that are cropping up in Kasese.  We believe a small, efficient, and effective government.

As the people of Kasese we must first come together and work for peace in Kasese. We are a wounded community, we must first address issues to do with peace and co existence before we think about minor issues of creating more districts.

The proposal of tribally splitting Kasese  is aimed at increasing the already limping and inefficient government service delivery and generate more conflict. There is an ill intention behind the scenes.

Those people perpetrating this splitting issue must stop their selfishness they should think about the common man in Kasese. We shall not allow disunity in Kasese orchestrated by selfish Individuals.