By Mubiru Ivan

Details of bank accounts and financial dealings of Edith Kasekende, the wife of under probe Bank of Uganda deputy director Louis, have leaked.

Edith, according to a source is reportedly swimming in billions of shillings, with investigators and the office of the Inspectorate of Government likely to probe the source of the money.

Recently, Louis, who was reappointed deputy governor on January 18, 2015, declared that he earns Shs559,848,000 per year and an allowance Shs162,000,000 but also owns five properties in upscale Gaba, Lubowa, Ntinda, Naguru and Kololo valued at Shs2.1b, Shs1.4b, Shs0.39b, Shs1.3b and Shs2b. These, he declares, bring in a monthly fee of USD13,233 (Shs52m).  He also own a farm worth Shs500 million and shares in Greenhill holdings, owners of Greenhill Academy.

Louis also declared that he runs two bank accounts at Standard Chartered Bank, Speke Road branch jointly with Edith. One of them, number 8700110288700 is a current dollar account.

Now our sources reveal that Edith, a human capital consultant and a trained coach runs an Easy Go account at Stanchart Bank number 0100111660500, which is used to transact hundreds of millions of shillings often.

However, what is most interesting is the source of this money which is transacted through her account.

For instance, the source at the Bank reveals that “She receives questionable deposits of Shs1.6Bn from BoU which she pays back, implying that she and other people, including her husband, use BoU for liquidation of their business and return the money back before it is detected.”

The sources also revealed that “For instance, she received Shs1.7Bn from China Railway Seven CRSG company and Shs394 million from Arnold Masembe, which is suspected to be payment from BoU lawyers.”

Her bank statement indicates that between 01-05-2017 and 17-05-2018 she received another Shs644m from an unknown source and Shs421m from Bank of Uganda. Between the same dates she deposited Shs415m and Shs383M respectively, and another Shs120m and Shs394m, although the source of this money remains unknown.

The sources went on to reveal that “There are large sums of cash deposits from unknown people, yet her property, as declared by the deputy governor BoU doesn’t match up to her bank transaction.”

It is thus suspected that Kasekende’s wife could be receiving hundreds of millions of shillings each year through or from questionable channels, reason why she has become a point of interest for investigators into the alleged multibillion fraud that is being perpetrated by officials at Bank of Uganda.

More details to follow.