By Catherine Apolot

Singer A Pass has told Bebe Cool that he wasted his time by begging Kanye West for a collabo because he doesn’t have what it takes to feature the famous American rapper.

In an open letter to the self proclaimed Big Size, A Pass said it will be impossible for Kanye West to offer a collabo to Bebe Cool thus advising him to try Full Figure.

He said it would only be possible if Bebe Cool allows to be a dancer in one of Kanye’s musical video since he has some good monkey dance moves.

Kanye West and wife Kim Kardashian landed in Uganda on Friday evening and they are expected to spend over two weeks at Chobe Safari lodge.

While in Uganda, Kanye who recently changed his name to Ye is expected to record his latest album called Yandhi.

A Pass wrote;

Thanking Baby muzukulu, formerly known as Bebe Cool for choosing to remain dormant in the music industry this year with no hits at all, this is a very big achievement.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you together with my fans and management team for choosing Musical dormancy in the year were you and your management promised milk and honey. (2Big Tunes)

At the moment, am in Uganda with Kanye West gwe wasabye collabo but I think tekigyakusoboka so collabo jisabe Full Figure naye ekizibu wa people power ayinza okutagula tagula nga tanayimba ku Show ya kyalenga ate yagamba aluma. Ekilala kili nti i feel like you can be in his video as a dancer awo sikulinako tabu osobola with the monkey dance naye ebyokuyimba naye bileke mukwano.

I was told you are in America but for now please stay there because wano ekya hit music nakikwasaganya and my new song Guli Wano will take care of your fans and mine at the same time so tewelalikilila because you are protected by the hit maker A Pass. God bless you, nze collabo bangimpadde banonya bunonya sinonya collabo ku fesibuku. #GuliWano