By Allen Kisakye

Alexandra Bagonza aka APass has spent Tuesday evening talking about himself and ‘how great and relevant he is’, as far as the entertainment industry is concerned

In a video posted on facebook, APass states that Kanye West is looking for him so that they can do a collabo but ‘APass’ is still busy and has not found time to meet up with them

He says that Ugandans should understand that he is a very special musician. “I did not have to go on face book to humiliate myself while begging for a collabo. No… APass is bigger than that,” he says in a subtle dig at Bebe Cool who rushed to facebook at the weekend to request for a collabo with the ‘Gold Digger’ singer. The video has since garnered hundreds of views.

According to APass, he believes that all international musicians to visit Uganda after Kanye will also look for him.

APass says many people who don’t understand music don’t think he is as big as he claims.

“I get over 15,000 views on spotify in a month. One can’t imagine how much I earn through my music, only a person who understand that, can know what am worth because it’s not compulsory for everyone to understand it” he boasts.

He also urges people to stop asking about when he will organize a concert because he does everything at his own pace.

We all know that Apass is a big talker and so full of himself. We also know he is such a great talent. What we await is whether the collabo with Kanye West will materialize.