By Catherine Apolot

Uganda Tourism Board (UTB) Chief Executive Officer Stephen Asiimwe has described the visit of renowned American rapper Kanye West and reality TV star wife Kim Kardashian as ‘a full endorsement for Uganda’s tourism’.

Talking to Watchdog Uganda, Asiimwe said most Ugandans have been watching Kim and Kanye on Television but this is the first time they are seeing them in real life.

He said with them celebrity couple coming to Uganda, it’s a clear indication that the country is safe and this is going to greatly improve the tourism sector by increasing the number of foreign visitors.

“It’s clear that Kanye and Kim are enjoying themselves and I ask Ugandans to give them full privacy to allow them enjoy their stay in Uganda,” said Asiimwe.

“The couple choosing Uganda is confidence in the country’s beauty as well as its security. Uganda is safe and beautiful. This is what Winston Churchill saw when he called Uganda the ‘Pearl of Africa.”

The UTB boss, whose mandate is to sell the country’s tourism potential, noted that they are looking forward to see more superstars visiting Uganda.

Kanye and Kim came to Uganda last Friday and are residing at Chobe Safari Lodge, located in Murchison Falls National Park in North-Western Uganda.