By Allen Kisakye

Kanye West and his wife, reality TV-Star Kim Kardashian’s itinerary on Tuesday was supposed to read ‘Wake up, walk about Chobe Safari, drink tea, walk about some more this time through the National Park, then visit Bidi Bidi the largest refugee resettlement camp and home to more than a quarter of a million people, mostly South Sudanese.

Bidibidi is located in Yumbe and Moyo districts and stretches into South Sudan.

However, their plans were cut short when instead, the celebrity couple in the country on vacation as Ye records songs latest album called Yandhi, was rushed to an orphanage in Masuliita, Luwero.

The orphanage, which houses about 100 children was started by Uganda Womens Effort to Save Orphans (UWESO). UWESO was founded by First Lady Janet Museveni.

In a video that was highly circulated Tuesday afternoon, the couple and their handlers are seen handing over shoes to excited children. Dressed in neon green matching tees, two, accompanied by Tourism Minister Godfrey Kiwanda, also chat with the children.

But some sections of fans are not happy with the move to hijack ‘Power’ singer and his wife.

“The Kanye Tourism goldmine may be blurred by the relief/Aid activities (Refugees/FoodAid/Orphanages) being inserted into his programme.  In doing so, u are playing into the hands of western stereotype of Africa as a destination of Poverty, War and Hunger.

Let these subsidiary activities be given less airplay and focus be streamed to core holiday and adventure,” an angry fan shared with Watchdog Uganda.

After the Masulita visit, the couple was expected to fly to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to trek Gorillas later on Wednesday.

Watchdog Uganda has also learnt that the celebrity couple might stay here longer than anticipated.