By Najibu Mulema

After a first night of sadness in Luzira,  Cynthia Munwangari has made friends helping her to adjust to the new life.

Cynthia told fellow inmates during the introduction of herself to fellow prisoners that she came to Uganda because she wanted to conquer the world but now she regrets coming to Kampala.

Cynthia told the female inmates that it is difficult to believe she was a prisoner because she never even stepped into a police station in her home country Burundi.

The Burundian national now says she prays the ordeal is just still a dream since she wants to return home soon after she’s released. Her fellow inmates though have assured her that life will be okay even if she’s convicted.

Cynthia left Nakawa court early this week, she made the world believe she was a strong woman, giving hi-5s and smiling like she had made a successful catwalk in NewYork.

During a court procession on Tuesday, Matthew Kanyamunyu, his girlfriend Munwangari and his brother Joseph Kanyamunyu were smiling allover like they never cared and even when the judge charged them with murder, and sent them to Luzira, the trio especially Munwangari seemed not bothered.
Clearly she did not know what she was going to!

On arrival to Luzira prison, Munwangari and the co-accused didn’t know the prisons’ rules and regulations, they thought they are going to be treated like VIPs in Safari Lounge, they carried their luxury mattresses + duvets hoping to sleep like royals.

To their shock the prison administrators denied them to take in their beddings and the relatives were directed to take them back. This is the moment that Munwangari started praying for Jesus Christ’s resurrection hoping to be the only saviour at the moment.

Realising that the issue is very serious, beautiful Munwangari became extremely upset as she was being escorted to the female section of prisons, separating her from the  boyfriend Kanyamunyu whom she never thought of leaving in such a scenario.

According to reports, on arrival in the ward, she started crying like there’s no tomorrow. Poor Cynthia couldn’t believe that she was going to sleep in a yellow uniform on a ramshackled mattress. Munwangari cried the whole night regretting the happenings of the night in a parking lot when Kenneth Akena was killed.

While in Luzira, Cynthia became so confused, unsettled that she stopped using in English and resorted to murmuring in Kirundi, her mother tongue and French which languages made her inmates and prison officers more confused.

However, inmates have started warming up to Munwangari after ignoring her on the first night in Luzira.

Now we are told Cynthia is going on her duties well, and wardens say she’s a well behaved girl.