By Watchdog reporter

Kenneth Akena was killed in a mistaken identity for a rival who was hunting down now murder suspect Matthew Kanyamunyu over stealing the Burundian beauty, Cynthia Munangwari.

A private detective working on the mysterious murder at Game Store, Lugogo has intimated to this website that the couple was having sex in the car when they were knocked accidentally by Akena, 33.

The knock interrupted their session but also, the girl belonged to a powerful and connected journalist in town. The couple knew they were under his surveillance and feared they had been caught. The journalist had cautioned Kanyamunyu to keep away from the Burundian beauty if he wanted peace.

“When the late Kenneth Akena knocked their car at Lugogo mall parking, Matthew Kanyamunyu assumed falsely that they had been finally caught. He acted spontaneously, thinking he was defending himself from the journalist’s trackers,” the detective says.

“Businessman Kanyamunyu was enjoying sex with his Burundian girlfriend in the car when the late pulled out of the parking, scratching his car in the process,” says the detective who prefers anonymity.

“Kanyamunyu felt he had been caught in the act”, says the detective. “And he would not wait to hear Akena’s stories since he expected something different. He stopped Akena with a bullet before he reached him.”

Kanyamunyu had been warned to keep away from the girl, and that is why he chose to keep the gun to prepare himself for a possible confrontation with his rivals.

“What he calls assassins are actually imaginary enemies of his. He thought the girlfriend’s other boyfriends were after him, and he assumed Akena was either one of them, or, he had been sent to finish him. So, he shot him before he got close to him” said the detective.

Realizing he had shot an innocent person, Kanyamunyu, the CEO of Quantum Logistics, drove the man to about five health centres to save his life. Meanwhile, he didn’t have a well pieced story to tell the authorities and that is why he came up with the assassin story.

Akena unfortunately regained consciousness to tell what happened, then died at Novik hospital.

Akena in his dying declaration told relatives and health workers that the so called “good Samaritan” had shot him after he brushed his car while pulling out of the parking.

Kanyamunyu, an OB of Budo is said to be a relative of Winnie Byanyima, wife to Kizza Besigye. His family is wealthy and connected.

Police is also looking for Kanyamunyu’s friends who drove away Akena’s car from Lugogo mall parking to Kyandondo Rugby Club parking. Police say they could have more knowledge about the murder.