By Watchdog reporter

The prime suspect in the murder of Kenneth Akena, Mr Matthew Kanyamunyu will be arraigned in court today afternoon.

Impeccable sources told Watchdog website that the man every one wants to see in the dock will be charged in the Nakawa court.

Kanyamunyu has been in the cell since Sunday when he was arrested in connection with the shooting of the late Akena, a social worker with AVSI Charity organization. Akena was buried yesterday at an event attended by among others, the police chief Kale Kayihura.

Many people have been wondering why Kanyamunyu has not been presented before the magistrate to plead not guilty as he says, instead, the family has been on a media propaganda offensive.

By law, a suspect should not stay in police cells beyond 48 hours. In Kanyamunyu’s, it’s beyond 72 hours and none of her family members has been complaining. The mysterious shooting of Akena has aroused many speculative stories.

Court has a chance to give Akena and Kanyamunyu both a shot at justice.