By Watchdog reporter

We understand that most celebrities hire personal makeup artist to make them look more appeasing to the public and sometimes attractive to their secret admirers.

As if that’s fine but how would you feel when one day, you pump in a lot of cash (sometime more than you can afford) in your makeup artist or artists to make you look like Beyonce but all of the sudden you get out of the makeup room looking like a senile woman of 80 years yet in actual sense you don’t exceed 30 years?

Now that’s exactly what happened to our finest Comedian/entertainer Anne Kansiime. She paid all her money to a lousy makeup artist to look enticing but the end results were alarming.

She appeared in “queen of Comedy” photo shot wrinkled like an old woman of 80 years, and actually it wasn’t intended.

A very simple piece of advice to the comedy queen, she should fire her makeup artist to prevent future embarrassments.