By Watchdog reporter

Police in Kamuli District is holding the Officer in Charge of Butansi Police Post Inspector of Police David Edward Osiiya after he allegedly raped a domestic violence complainant.
It is alleged that Osiiya sexually assaulted the woman who had gone to report a domestic violence case against her husband Yeseri Kabisi of Nabirama Naluwoli.

The woman alleges that she ran to the Police Post seeking justice after her husband assaulted her at about 4pm. After explaining to Osiiya whom he found at the post, he said he needed to travel to Kamuli Town to photocopy Police Form 3.

She said the officer had her held as he went to photocopy the form promising to work on her case if she cooperated and talked nicely.

According to Daily monitor, the officer came back to the station where the woman had been waiting when it was already dark. He then took her to his office to record the statement. However, he made sexual advances and when she rejected, he raped her.

Busoga North Regional Police spokesperson Michael Kasadha they are holding the officer and condemn the act saying it taints police public image.

However, Osiiya denies the allegations saying he is being framed.