By Watchdog reporter

It seems the row between city tycoons Drake Lubega, Hajj Manisul Matovu (Young) and Charles Muhangi is far from over.

For the past years the trio has been conflicting over prime plots and arcades which include Qualicel Bus Terminal and Nabukeera Plaza.

Now through a court order Muhangi has given his fellow businessmen Lubega and Matovu 14 days to vacate their land and arcades so that he could take them over.

According to the court order, Muhangi is the legal owner of the land.

However, through their lawyers Lubega and Matovu have downplayed Muhangi’s order saying that it is forged.

The duo said the Court of Appeal had given Muhangi an order not to seize their land.

Apparently traders renting on these arcades in question are living in fear thinking that anytime they are going to be evicted.