Sunday August 21, 2016

7:00-9:00am -Police arrivals
9:30am Exhibitors start setting up
10:00am- Gates open
10:30am -The 1st DJ takes to the podium
11:00am- Mc gets on Stage
11:30am- Artists start performing
01:00pm- The 1st band gets on stage
02:00pm- Launching of run a way Rolex animation & book
02:30-Rolex cook outs competitions keep off with second DJ on stage
03:00- Arrival of Guest of Honor and Playing of National anthem
03:30-Inspection of Exhibitors by the Guest of Honor
04:30- Announcing of best Rolex Chef,Exhibitor,Rolex Beverage match and Rolex recipe
05:00 -3rd Band gets on stage
06:00-3 rd DJ starts playing as other artists perform
07:00-4th Band gets on Stage
08:30-4th DJ gets on stage
09:00-Maro starts his performance

The following will be the DJs and Bands of the Day
Dj Rachael, Moroto, Back meme, Tom & Ras Brown
Bands -undercover brothers, the Dons , Sons of bits and Millege