Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko is angry with Facebook sensation Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alias TVO.
The MP reacting to a point from TVO that he is bribing Kampala politicians on behalf of the establishment, said the social media publisher using fake names is a liar and a coward.
Below is Nsereko’s below the belt attack on TVO.

Mr or mrs Tom Voltaire Okwalinga,

Since your such a coward to hide behind the veil of fake names, I will address you as such.

You posted that you are investigating under what circumstances I have failed the defiance campaign.

Let me put your rusty mind straight.

1. That like you said, I don’t belong to either NRM or opposition
2. That never the opposition you talk about never at any single time backed my candidature, FDC fielded mr Kaijja the deputy secretary General, DP backed mr. Hamdan semugoma and Nrm backed Hajjati Minsa Kabanda.
All the flag bearers at presidential level campaigned for their candidates.
3. That have never been in support of any Defiance campaign both publically and Privately.
4. That I stood for deputy speaker as an independent even when the opposition couldnot come up with a candidate.
5. That am confident that neither did you support me nor did you vote for me.

Therefore these are my questions.

1. What’s defiance in your opinion ?

2. If the opposition defied as you ignorantly say, how come they accepted to be sworn in to work? If it means boycott as you make the common people think, why don’t you completely stay out of government forexample swearing in as Members of parliament or mayors etc

3. Who did I stop from protesting when Colnel Besigye was arrested all that long, at least Okwalinga you should have come out and protested alone, Do you want to say that I also took you to meet the President?

4. Does the defiance campaign need to start with politicians? If I heard Dr Besigye well, he said it all starts with You. Why haven’t you told people to defy paying taxes since they go to government and it wrongly uses your tax?

5. Since you are brilliant as you say and you know the impact of parliament and leaders in Kampala, why don’t you come and contest so that you take the lead in defiance. Atleast councillor Muhammad Segirinya of Kawempe is a pure product of this.

6. Why should Museveni need the 7 MPs , mayors and councillors in Kampala to stop defiance, can you name any one of those leaders who was a front line activist and has changed?

7. If you care, how come hon Kabaziguruka is in jail, have not had you mobilise any one to help get him out of jail nor have I heard that all members of the defiance campaign shall not work until he is released?

8. When the one you like most was in prison , that’s Dr Besigye, how come you Didnot mobilise the people not to go to work too as a mode of defiance or take their children to school and may be that would bring government to a stand still?

Now therefore let me put this straight you and people who think line you do ,

1. NRM whether I want or not acquired two thirds majority of parliament that’s over 66.5 percent of parliament.

2. It acquired 98 percent of local councils

3. It acquired 98 percent of all elected councillors in the country.

What does my contribution like you wrote have to do with your ability to perform at such levels.
Are you trying to say that I am stronger than your entire establishment.

The message you posted has attracted a lot of attention and tribal hate speech, who do you work for?

When I stood for deputy speaker, where were you, I think if defiance has a meaning then my action to stand should tell you a lot .

Finally, Mr or Mrs Okwalinga you told this nation that you had proof that AINE was dead, we still need the answer.
Is the AINE who came a ghost or you had another AINE?

In Islam , no Hadith can be gotten from you the moment you went publically to lie, literally you are a perennial liar who wants to seek people’s attention and destroy others.

My best advise is, come out of your skin and fight like a braveman or woman.

Unfortunately next I will be out of the country going to fight for our people being mistreated at work in the Middle East and try to save a few lives that have fled this country for greener pastures other than Okwalinga who is the I know every thing.