By Watchdog reporter

The rate Rwanda launches this and that, one gets a feeling maybe Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni should trade places in Rwanda and Uganda respectively.

Otherwise, for how long will Ugandans envy Rwandese! No wonder, some Ugandans like Dr Golooba Mutebi have opted to become Rwandese.

RPF Headquarters

Now, after four year after Kagame set up a foundation stone for his party’s headquarters, at the weekend, the RPF leader unveiled the ultramodern facility baptized the RPF Complex. And fat Justine Lumumba, the secretary general of NRM was in attendance despite her collecting billions in 2015 from party loyalists and businessmen, promising to build a 27-storey building in Kampala, in the plot opposite UBC.

NRM Headquarters on Plot 10, Kyadondo Road

The RPF Complex in Gasabo District, Kigali was only started in December 2012. Meanwhile, word reaching us is that the money Kasule Lumumba collected to build the NRM headquarters could have been used or swindled.

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