By Catherine Apolot 

A former Rwandan presidential hopeful and women’s rights activist has been set free by President Paul Kagame.

Diane Rwigara , a 37-year-old accountant was arrested on September 24, 2017 after she was accused of incitement and fraud. Shortly before her nude photos had been released in was was seen by many as a smear campaign.

Rwigara launched her election bid three months ahead of the August 2017 vote but was disqualified on claims that she doctored the number of signatures needed to qualify and had submitted the names of dead people, allegations she denied.

Rwigara has been released on bail alongside her mother Adeline Rwigara.

The bail was granted on condition that both Rwigara and her mother do not travel out of the capital Kigali, and that their travel documents be handed in to authorities.

Their trial will resume in November.

Anne, Diane’s younger sister was also briefly detained with her sibling and mother last year – but released without charge.