By Herbert Bukenya

June 11th marks 21 years since the demise of Kadongo Kamu Legend Herman Basudde and the music fraternity was in somber mood as the musical great was celebrated once again today.

The year was 1997 when the kadongo kamu maestro crashed his Land Cruiser he had acquired a few days earlier after he veered off the road while trying to dodge a truck as he headed to his native Masaka village late night to spend time with his parents unfortunately he was never to reach and show his parents his newly acquired car.

As Uganda’s music industry celebrates the life of this musical great, analysts and critics say artistes in the Kadongo kamu genre need to find relevance to current trends in music if they are to survive.

James Propa a music analyst while appearing on a local radio talk show advised the current crop of Kadongo kamu artistes to sing about relevant issues, make shorter songs and do more promotion besides improving the quality of production and videos they release so as to keep the genre alive.