By Watchdog reporter

Congolese singer Koffi Olomide has been freed from jail only after five days in the coolers. Koffi was re-arrested and charged in Kinshasa after he was deported in Kenya for kicking a female dancer on his crew at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport.

Koffi was convicted and sentenced for 18 months in Kinshasa’s Makala Prison.

However, his lawyers got the flamboyant artist released on Saturday. Prior to his release, dancer Pamela  Eyengo,  who has been at the centre of the storm that started in Nairobi, had, accompanied by some of her colleagues, made an emotional televised appeal to the First Lady of DR Congo, Olive Lemba Kabila, to lobby President Joseph Kabila to have the superstar set free.

The sentencing was a humiliating experience for Koffi, who also spent a night in Kenyan police cells.

The now repentant singer was photographed with his family on his return to his home on Saturday afternoon.

Photographs of him in his tiny cell shortly before he was released were also posted on his Facebook page.

In a brief televised interview, Koffi thanked his fans for standing by him during his harrowing time behind bars, hoping for an end to his tribulations.