By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred

Kabale Municipality in partnership with Coca cola Africa and global leadership Institute are to run a plastic collecting center in a bid to ensure that Kabale town remains clean town and as well creating jobs for many urban poor.

Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Kabale Municipality Mayor,says that the strategy is meant to buy all plastics that are dumped in town as a way of conserving environment and improving hygiene.

Byamugisha says that wasted plastics will be recycled as residues are converted into manure. He also says that the plastics will be bought at shillings 240 per kilogram. Byamugisha also says that locals will use this as a source of income since all the kilograms of collected plastics will be paid in cash.

He says that the municipality together with Coca cola has already positioned 100 metallic drums in town for people to dump plastics after using them for easy collection. He also says that those who irresponsibly dispose of plastics will be arrested at dealt with accordingly.

He said this on wenesday while at the signing of the memeorundum of Kabale municipality that was held at kabale municipal stadium

Sam Arinetwe The Central Division Chairperson says that in order for the project not to lead to school dropouts, as leaders they have agreed that plastics be strictly collected and sold at the collecting center by adults and any person below 18 years found collecting plastics will be arrested and questioned.

Simon Kaheru The Coca Cola Public Affairs and Communications Director says that their dream is to make sure that Kabale municipality’s hygiene and environment is on top adding that this can only be achieved when all people in Kabale municipality embraces the strategy by collecting all the plastics to the collecting center for recycling.

He said they are looking at all possible ways of saving the environment saying that plastics are a big global issue as that’s why as the company they have come out to get the plastics from the environment saying that by 2030 they will have achieved the fight as coca-cola they per year they use 800 tonnes of plastic while packing their products.

He says That they have set up other plastic recycling center in Kampala, Jinja, Entebbe and Masaka.