By Moses Ntare

The Kabale municipality principle education officer John Byabagambi has attributed the continued vices of alcoholism among teachers to failure to revise their professional ethics.

According to the Teachers Professional Code of Conduct Legal Notice 2012, part 4, number 6 Sub Section K, it is noted that A teacher shall not teach while under the influence of alcohol or drugs, and shall not come to school while intoxicated.

However, Byabagambi in an interview with our reporter in his office on Friday, noted that some teachers have failed to revise and remind themselves of such teaching professional ethical guidelines thus resorting to consuming alcohol during learning times which he says is a threat to the learners’ education and schools’ development.

Byabagambi says that all stakeholders, including school heads, proprietors, teachers, parents and other community members need to combine efforts to have the vice averted.

Last year, Enos Akampurira and Evaristo Agaba, all teachers at Butobere primary school in Kabale municipality were suspended by the school’s management committee for alcoholism.