By Arinda Nsheeka Wilfred

Kabale municipality on Saturday officially launched a plastic recycling center that would gather all the plastic bottles and materials from town.

His worship the mayor Kabale municipality Emmanuel Byamugisha Sentaro, together with officials from coca-cola  company and other partners attended the event. Plastic materials will be gathered and later recycled in a bid to save the environment.
Sentaro said  Kabale municipality that has a vision of becoming a tourist city with prosperous people would be free of plastics in the near future.
The Entusi resort, coca-cola company and the global Livingstone Institute partnered with Kabale municipality to bring the recycling center in place. The center is located in Mwanjari, southern division behind Red Cross Society offices Kabale branch.
Tourism city, prosperous people. 
His worship Emmanuel Sentaro Byamugisha the Mayor kabale municipality at the function said that the town is filled with plastic bottles and other plastic materials that had caused alarm.
He revealed that as kabale Municipality with the vision of having a future tourism city with prosperous people, the town wouldn’t be admired with a lot of plastic materials.
Sentaro’s Council last year started beautifying the town by installing Street lights – an initiative that was welcomed by many.
In a bid to beautify the town even more, the Kabale roundabout was designed with sculptures of gorillas and other designs that represents the tourism potentials in Kigezi region in regard to tourism and culture.
Money out of ‘garbage plastics’ 
Reagan Nowamaani, the Director of Entusi resort on the same day started buying the plastic bottles, each kilogram costing Uganda shillings 240.
He said that Entusi resort will be buying all the plastic materials that will be gathered from all over town. He alerted that the project would reduce unemployment rate in the country since most youth and other people in the country are still unemployed.
On contrary, many folks said the business of plastics would result into school dropouts – because of children involving themselves in the selling of these plastic materials.
A world free of plastics 
In January of this year, the Coca-Cola company launched an initiative worldwide – of collecting back all the plastic bottles across the world, that it uses to pack it’s products by the year 2030.
Coca-Cola made a plant to pick back every plastic material it has ever used, a plan that many said would save the environment!
Moreen Kyomuhendo – who’s the public affairs and communications manager for Coca-Cola company in Uganda at the same event said that the ‘giant’  company will be collecting millions of plastic materials everyday.
She told the public that Coca-Cola  will be gathering every plastic material ( bottles, plates, jugs and many other) around the world to preserve the environment.
Kyomuhendo added that for every country where Coca-Cola operates in this world, the company will be working towards achieving the 2030 target.
Coca-Cola has partnered with the Kampala capital city authority (KCCA) Municipalities, towns and other partners for this cause throughout the country.