Western Region Football Association (WRFA) has cleared the forthcoming FUFA Beginners’ coaching course to be held in Kabale. The course to be catered for by participants will be conducted from 23rd-27thOctober, 2017.

In a communication to the FUFA CEO Edgar Watson, from WRFA, the 5 day course is targeting participants who don’t have coaching badges.

‘We are happy that coaching courses are being organized in the area and this will raise the levels of our coaches when handling young and senior players at various football levels. Our target is to have as many qualified coaches as possible in the next four years. We wnat the region to be strong technically’ said Seka Mutaka- Chairman of the WRFA.

The course is part of the technical programs to spread football to all the 8 FUFA regions so that the game is improved upon at the lower levels.

Each participant is required to pay 100,000/- for the course that will cater for their course manuals from the instructors, use of equipment, branded t-shirts, meals and refreshments for the entire period.

Registration for the course starts on Monday 9th October, 2017.

Western region has already conducted three important coaching courses the Beginners Coaching Course (In Kanungu and Mbarara)  and FUFA Level One (Mbarara).

The potential targets for the course are former players, Games Masters handling school teams, persons in charge of clubs at all levels in Western and Kigezi Regions.