By Moses Ntare

The Kabale District Chairperson LC5, partick Besigye Keihwa on Friday said that those who are posting on social media that he assaulted a journalist are doing offensive communication.

The chairman made these remarks during a district Council sitting, when the council was closing the 2017/2018 financial year.
Keihwa is said to have assaulted Emanuel Arinaitwe Julius, a reporter for voice of Kigezi, who also happens to be the chairperson of Kabale municipality journalists association.
Arinitwe reported on Monday that councilors accuse keihwa of conniving with the Former district engineer and stealing 40m shillings.
However the chairman refuted  the reports, and further slapped Arinitwe several times and abused him , before saying that he could order for his sacking.
The councilor of Rubaya subcounty Hon March Boaz asked the chairman to explain  to the council all the allegations, because that news about the chairman assaulting a journalist was circulating on social media.
In response chairman keihwa said that the council does not discuss allegations and those who were posting on social media were doing offensive communication.