By Watchdog reporter

The Kabaka of Buganda Kingdom Ronald Muwenda Mutebi alongside his brother Prince David Wasajja and Buganda Land Board (BLB) have been dragged to Court over Buziga Estate worth she850 million.


The plaintiff which include Sarah Nabule, Janet Nakawunde, Faridah Zabali and Dr. Muhammad Buwule claim they were duped for six years into believing their lease application was lost, yet a lease title was secretly being processed for Wasajja.

They further claim Wasajja was granted a lease for 49 years from November 1, 2004 on the same terms as had previously been given to them.

The plaintiff state that on April 18, 1950, the then Kabaka government entered a lease agreement with chief predecessors, who became beneficial owners of the land.

They assert that they subsequently acquired the property with knowledge and consent of the lessor. As the lease was due to expire on march 16, 1998, they applied to BLB for renewal.

The relatives say BLB officials promised that the lease would be extended in a letter dated September 20, 2001.

The plaintiff were stunned when one of Kabaka’s agents, Levi Zzimbe, told them that their file had been misplaced. Zzimbe advised them to file a new application on October 20, 2004.

The plaintiff purport Wasajja paid a pitiful sum of sh100 as annual rent by 2004, while the sum payable in 1949 was shs400.

They further argue that their lease had a clause stipulating that the kingdom could only decline to renew the lease after compensating the lessee for a fair value of property on the land.

The current value of the property is shs850m.