By Allen Kisakye

Justine Nameera, the former NTV presenter has been embroiled in scandal after scandal, most prominently Faridah Nakazibwe. There was a time both made headlines on social media over a man. Then of course there was news that Vision Group, where she had moved after her stint with NTV had banned her from accessing their premises. Yes, that Nameere.

Good times are  ahead for her after she landed a juicy deal with NBS TV. According to reliable sources, the from grace to grass to now grace presenter will be hosting a TV show called “Tulambule Pearl.” It is set to air in November.

She said that her fans have been congratulating her upon getting this job but the truth is, she doesn’t need a job since she already works with various TV stations as a content provider.

 “I am an executive producer of all my shows which I present under the company I Co-own called Visible Solutions Limited,” she said.

And that’s how she has been running her TV career since 2014 and that’s how she plans to keep it!