By Watchdog reporter

For those who know former Justice of Supreme Court George Kanyeihamba describe him as a fighter; a man who fights a war from the start until the end.

He is further described as a persistent man who doesn’t give up easily not until he has fulfilled what he started.

Recently the former judge penned down his discount against DFCU Bank (which took over Crane Bank) which he said treated him like a dead dog citing that its employees lack even a single drop of customer care.

He said the situation turned upside down when he had gone to cash out his cheque at DFCU Gaba Road branch and he was harshly told by DFCU bank staff that they could not cash his cheque as the bank did not have enough money to do so.

The professor pleaded with the staff at the bank to find a way to cash his cheque but all his pleas fell on deaf ears as the rude bank staff refused to help him out.

Kanyeihamba pleaded with the staff to help him call the manager so that he could have a word with him so that in one way or the other he could be helped but to his dismay, the young man adamantly refused to call the manager saying, “You must realize that we do not have the time to handle a customer like you’re demanding. I am busy and the manager is busy” and on top of that the banker threw a cheque at the justice’s face.

“Later I asked them that I want to close my accounts with you, I want to transfer them to Stanbic Bank, they refused to give them to me. I told them how can a Bank where the majority owners are Europeans behave in a manner as if am a dead dog?”

Kanyeihamba further revealed that he misses Crane Bank since it used to treat him like a king thus feeling like he was the owner of the now defunct Bank.

“Crane Bank had the most efficient and most polite system of receiving customers even though it went down I still praise it, they used to treat customers like kings,”

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