By our reporter

Today five justices of the Constitutional court led by Deputy Chief Justice Alphonse Chigamoy Owiny-Dollo, Remmy Kasule, Kenneth Kakuru, Cheborion Barishaki and Elizabeth Musoke are delivering their ruling on the controversial age limit petition.

The ruling is taking place at the Constitutional Court in Mbale.

Here is how Justice Musoke delivered her ruling;

The doctrine of the sovereignty of the people was, in my view, compromised by the amendments in a way that it took away the right of the people to choose who will govern them – Justice Musoke

Extending the Members of Parliament’s term from 5 years to 7 years was a subjugation of the will of the people and therefore inconsistent with the Constitution – Justice Musoke

Without declaring their interests and voting on that very question, the members of parliament grossly violated the National Leadership Code of Conduct’ – Justice Musoke

Military intervention arose from Members’ conduct and is demonstrably justifiable in a free and democratic society – Justice Musoke

The payment of the UGX 29M to every MP as facilitation for consultation did not contravene Article 93(a) because this is money that has already left the consolidated fund and allocated to the Parliamentary commission – Justice Musoke

The two year extension was not sanctioned by the people the members represent, and having done it once, if not checked in time, nothing will stop parliament from doing the same again ‘ – Justice Musoke

MPs violated article 1 of the constitution by extending their term of office -Justice Musoke

The extension of term of office for MPs, the President from 5 to 7 years was not sanctioned by the people, they were not consulted. It will in my view cause instability in the country-Justice Musoke

The removal of the age limit of the President and Local Government Councils would not in my view derogate from the basic structure – Justice Musoke

In her judgment, 7 year term is null and void whereas age limit amendment stays.