By Herbert Bukenya

Patricia Ndagire the US based lover of Prince Noah Kayondo has come out to defend her man who has been in the news for having had an aborted marriage with former TV host turned Pastor Joy Kihuguru and most recently visited the home of Sharita Mutawe a radio presenter with marriage plans.

He was in advanced plans of marrying Sharita according to our sources but the plans have since been cut short by lots of controversies and more women coming up to claim he was their man and had promised them marriage too besides having children with a couple of others.

Top among these is Joy Kihuguru who came out a few days back to clear the air about her aborted romance with him but his live in lover for 3 years Patricia Kayondo says Joy and her man were just flirting and she took things too serious.

She went ahead to brand Kihuguru confused when she said the Pastor once claimed they had a honey moon in the USA which has never taken place going further to say that there is no evidence of an introduction or marriage between Noah and Joy that is supposed to be confirmed by a letter signed by the parents.

Patricia made it clear that she has never been introduced by this man and they are not officially married but its up to Noah to decide when all that will happen if it is to happen although she is happy with him for now because he is a good man!