By Najibu Mulema

Timothy Kalyegira, a journalist at Kampala Express has termed the world acclaimed movie produced by Walt Disney picture, Queen of Katwe, an embarrassment.

In Kalyegira’s words, “The acting by the Ugandans was the typical one — simplistic expression, overdone, overstated dialogue, the Bukedde-2 TV or Ebonies’ “That’s Life Mwattu” level of acting, Ugandan “English”, and so on.

What saves ‘Queen of Katwe” from being just another Ugandan TV drama is the good cinematography — the camera angles, use of light and shadows, close-up shots.

The main entrance had been closed, so I kept wondering how I should flee this embarrassment.

On I watched. Same low-brow air of general lousiness we or at least I have come to expect from Ugandan and Nigerian movies.

Finally, a European got up from her seat and started to walk out. I followed her hoping she might be heading for an exit and she did.
And so after 20 minutes of one of the most embarrassing experiences of the year for me, I got out of the screening room and sighed with relief.
Uganda traumatises me.”

Words from Kalyegira, didn’t go down well with every one.

And veteran actor Philip Luswata has fired back, calling Kalyegira an idiot.

Queen of Katwe movie was premiered yesterday at Acacia mall in Kampala.

Uganda Tourism Board’s deputy CEO added, “Our intellectuals need advice.. so Kalyegira watches a premiere of Queen of Katwe.. a movie apreciated worldwide..and rubbishes it alongside his own country (assuming he is Ugandan). Does this intellectual understand global trade? Whoz gonna love and visit a country if its citizens resent it? Does this intellectual understand that his post has discouraged many from visiting ug? Income has been lost bcoz of his crazy statements.. I used to respect this chap.. but now I know some intellectuals lack common sense…” Said John Ssempebwa