Ugandans, like to eulogize the dead and it’s a pity that most people get cele­brated after they are gone. We have to change this. We have to celebrate our heroes when they are still alive,its only then,that we will feel better when they leave this earth.

I know that it costs a lot to bring artistes from foreign countries to come and perform in Uganda. I am aware,that many compa­nies and event organizers have to fight tooth and nail to raise money to pay these foreign artistes.I am not quite sure how many events organizers, will be willing to pay local artistes 10 percent of what they pay foreign artistes.

I am not by any means saying that for­eign artistes should not be booked,my point is that we have local artistes who are as good as the foreign artistes,and we have to pay more attention to them.The music industry is one big gold mine that can never be drained or over used.

If i were to rate Chameleon’s per­formance and vocal abilities, i can honestly say that he is as good as most of the very popular foreign musicians we adore so much, if not better.

Yes,planning for the Hit after Hit concert at the Lugogo Cricket Oval, is already in advanced stages and it will be 100% massive and a blast.