By our reporter

Last week, celebrated musician Jose Chameleone was under fire for allowing his 13 year old son drive.

In a video that made rounds on social media, Chameleone’s son Abba Marcus Mayanja was seen driving a convertible car on Entebbe Express Highway while in company of his young brother Alfa Mayanja.

The ‘champion’ singer was bashed by a number of people for being a ‘careless’ father following his erroneous act.

Police also intervened citing that the musician must explain why he allowed the minors drive. They said the singer was to be charged.

However, in his Facebook post, Chameleone instead attacked journalists who poke their noses in his business by reporting his underage son driving on Entebbe road.

He advised the journalists to get what to do instead of reporting on useless things.

He wrote;

If a young child in the village can manage to ride a bicycle, Now my son is the one who can fail to to know how to drive a car yet he didn’t caused any accident? Please Journalists get what to do. This is Uganda 🇺🇬.Why is it that always journalists of Uganda always focus on useless things than focusing on vital issues?