President Yoweri Museveni has called upon residents of Kabarole district in particular and the country at large to join the war against household poverty in Uganda.

The President, who was today speaking to residents of Nsurura Parish in Katebwa Sub-County Kabarole district, advised the people not to confuse wealth with development.

“Development, for example roads, schools and electricity, are for everyone but wealth is personal. You don’t have to wait for development to get wealth. If you have ten pigs, they cannot refuse to travel on a road simply because it is not tarmac. As long as a road is motorable, even if it is murrum, wealth will pass there,” he said.


The President said that he will make it criminal for people who get wealth creation resources and simply waste them. He thanked the residents in Katebwa Sub-County for conserving the environment.

“I have been seeing the forest in the places I have toured,” he said.


The Minister of Defence and Veteran Affairs, Mr. Adolf Mwesige, thanked President Museveni for teaching people how they can use their small pieces of land that they own to get wealth.

Earlier President Museveni toured the farm of Mr. Lawrence Mbusa whom he commended for being a good role model to the society. He called upon the residents to emulate him. “Mbusa has chased away poverty from his household,” he said.


Farmer Mbusa has a 12-acre piece of land on which he grows coffee that he received from the Operation Wealth Creation programme.
In a year, Mr. Mbusa said, he earns about Shs.30 million which he uses to educate his grandchildren.

President Museveni gave Mr. Mbusa four cows and also promised to build him a kraal. Mr. Museveni said that Operation Wealth Creation will soon benefit all Ugandans who have land that is available for farming.

“Slowly, we shall reach everyone whether it takes a year. A person with land can chase poverty away through farming,” he said.
According to the Wealth Creation Office in Nyarugaba, 78 cows, 22,500 beans seedlings, 480,000 maize seedlings, 48 tonnes of Irish potatoes and 3,827 seedlings as well as 6,427 banana suckers, among other agricultural items, have been distributed in the area.

President Museveni advised the officials that wealth creation resources be distributed the according to the size of the land  a farmer has so that all people benefit from the programme.

“Doctors administer medicine doses according to the level of illness. You must know what to give these people according to the size of land,” he said.

The President also delivered a FUSO truck that he promised the coffee farmers in the area last year during the Operation Wealth Creation rallies.

On security, President Museveni warned the people against tribal and religious divisions.

“Those who tell you to divide yourselves along tribal and religious lines are your enemies. They do not wish you well,” he said. He assured them that government would protect them from rebel attacks.

“The rebels are there in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) but cannot reach here. In 2007, 100 rebels of the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), came to Semuliki but within two weeks, only 13 left. The other 87 remained here dead,” he said.

He urged the local leaders to pick interest and make it a point to know everyone that settles in the area.

Turning to the issue of education, President Museveni announced that in the coming financial year, the Ministry of Education and Sports will take-over Katebwa Secondary School to ensure the fulfillment of his pledge during the 2015 – 2016 campaigns that each Sub-County should have a government secondary school and a primary school per Parish throughout the country. He also directed that Katugumba Secondary school be taken-over by government.

Regarding health issues, the President also directed the Ministry of Health to ensure that Katebwa Sub-County achieves a Health Centre III status and get an ambulance.

State Minister for Water, Hon. Ronald Kibuule, that of State for Gender and Culture, Hon. Peace Mutuzo and of State for Health and Primary Health Care, Hon. Moriku Joyce, attended the rally.