Honorable Elect Robert Kyagulanyi’s victory in Kyadondo east will be the most talked about milestone in the history of elective politics in Uganda. The reasons are very simple.

Kyagulanyi is popular. His progress is in full view of the country. His sudden decision to take his support for his fans further from inspiration to elective politics was brushed off by the elite. But they forgot something.

You see, the ghetto is the worst place to live anywhere on earth. In East Africa, Ghettos and remote villages register a lot of crime, human rights violations, diseases and the most feared of all POLICE BRUTALITY.

Now when government called for ID registration, the largest turn outs were registered in poor neighbourhoods and in villages. Because these people don’t have formal employment that guarantees you an ID. They have no hope of leaving Uganda so why get a passport. They are struggling so they have no reason to go to Nasser road and spend money on fake identification.

The ID registration process and the voter registration process provided the impoverished with IDENTIFICATION. Now they can freely walk in their environment knowing that their chances of being harassed by police significantly reduce once you can identify yourself.

The FDC and NRM started a campaign claiming that Kyagulanyi’s supporters do not vote and those who do come from other areas. This was primarily because of the numbers Kyagulanyi attracted. They called him names, posted all manner of pictures of him but still his numbers grew, his message dynamic.

Now any clever campaign strategist should have looked for the voter register and done quick due diligence. Where is our support, where do we need more work, who are the voters, what do they want, what do they feel? These are critical.

The NRM was banking on two things- a) That the confusion between Kyagulanyi and Kantinti would divide the opposition vote and what was left would go to them giving them a win. They forgot that their 59 year old job seeker of a candidate was totally unpopular. Additionally, the things that were about to happen at Kasangati resort triggered a spontaneous reaction.

Those on the ground will tell you that voters camped outside the resort, between them and the resort were police officers. They allowed anybody or vehicle to go in but nothing…nothing and nobody went out until the vote counting began.

Friends, the vote margin of 20,000 vote is not simple but I assure you none of the 50 year plus strategic thinkers for the 14 to 35 year old 52 % of the population has learnt anything. Kyadondo East voters listened to their

“PRESIDENT” who told them NO VIOLENCE. Seeing there was no violence, some elements tried to provoke people into a riot. NOTHING HAPPENED. The voters were focused on voting and guarding that vote.

What this tells some of us is that we are heading into a very dangerous period. One group is becoming illegitimate with every ticking moment while another will now do the worst to keep power. What is obvious is the youth will now demand more and push more.

This article was first published on John Njoroge Facebook page