By Melisa Marzett.

Young people are a generation of people, who are passing through the stage of growing up, which is understood as the formation of the personality, the assimilation of knowledge, social values ​​and norms necessary to take place as a member of society.

This period of life can be regarded as a time of opportunities, aspiration for the future, when different perspectives are open to you. Right now, we have to make a choice that will determine the whole life. It is very important to make the right choice! Many, faced with the need to choose a profession, are very worried, as it is a huge responsibility. Of course, young people try to rely on their interests, but they change over time, and the profession will remain with them forever.

Graduates have a very vague and often incorrect idea about what their future profession should be. In schools, tutors introduce students to certain activities only theoretically. Very few students have the opportunity to get to know to it on practice. There are no practical courses that could help in understanding what their job will actually be. For example, for all his childhood a person dreamed about the profession of a doctor, imagining how he, dressed in clean white clothes, taking his time, listens to the complaints of patients. He also imagines how easily it is to make diagnoses, saving lives for thousands of people. However, in fact, it turns out that he is completely unprepared for this activity: he loses consciousness when seeing blood, can not perform a medical procedure, because he is afraid of hurting even for good, or he lacks the patience to listen to the numerous complaints of too dull patients. In addition, it turns out, that it quite difficult to make a diagnosis, especially when time is limited, and the responsibility for someone’s life is also difficult to take.

Often the choice of a profession is influenced by parents. They are offering their child the kind of activity, in which they are successful themselves. Alternatively, vice versa, advise them not to choose a certain career if their one did not work out. There are situations when parents do not want to accept the choice of their child, considering it to be incorrect, improper, illusory. In addition, it can be very difficult for him to avoid doubts and not to change his decision.

The media also play a role. Now society is focused on getting everything right away, choosing a profitable profession, and not the one which is to the taste. For example, many modern girls dream of repeating the career path of famous models, actresses or singers, watching their lives from TV screens and covers of fashion glossy magazines, considering learning as a useless occupation.
The financial situation of parents also has a big impact on the choice of the profession, since most higher education institutions are paid, and there are very few budget places. Not everyone has the opportunity to pay education to their child, who, perhaps, could have succeeded in his chosen career. Although other, less capable, but wealthy children receive such education.

Also, few people realize that they will have to dedicated most of their life to the chosen career. Therefore, it is very important to go to work with pleasure, rather than counting the minutes until the end of the labor shift, cursing yourself for the wrong choice. In addition, it is very important for the young person to have skills and abilities for the chosen career, since if they do not exist, then the person will most likely not succeed in this profession and will waste time in obtaining the appropriate education.
Friends can also influence the choice of career. In some situations, when a person has not yet decided what he really likes, he enters an educational institution together with his comrades.
Currently, there are tests on vocational guidance, which will help determine the scope of interests, personal characteristics, and it will be possible to choose any activity from the proposed.
With such a variety of factors influencing the choice of the future profession, it is very difficult to make an unconditionally correct choice. Fear of making a mistake, choosing the wrong path that one wants to follow for many years, can bind the young people, depriving them of their determination to take the first step. At the same time, it should be remembered that everything is not that bad.

The best way to find out what you really like is to try something yourself. It should be remembered that when choosing a profession irreparable mistakes do not happen. Unlike the previous times, changing the kind of activity for a modern person is not unusual. In a number of cases, even psychologists recommend this. In the modern world, with its rapidly changing demands and standards, you need to remain mobile and be prepared for any changes, including those, when choosing a job. The main thing is not to remain in inaction, not to succumb to fears and weaknesses, it is more courageous to try everything new.

Thus, the choice of profession is an important and serious step in the life of every person, and that it should be correct, it is necessary to analyze many aspects: the demand on the labor market, the financial costs of education, their inclinations and abilities, in any case, this choice should be independent and considered.

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