By Herbert Bukenya

Celebrated artiste promoter and manager Jeff Kiwa who has managed a number of big names in the local music industry and currently managing Sheebah Karungi and the entire Team No Sleep is out of Goodlyfe issues completely.

This pronouncement he made recently as the fight over the late Mosey Radio’s property most of which he co-owned with Weasel and Jeff Kiwa escalated. It is not news any more that Radio’s brother called Frank and a one Ssalongo who was a big time Mowzey fan and assistant were beaten up at the Neverland Makindye home as the struggle to share the property got out of hand.

As per the original dealings of Goodlyfe both Jeff Kiwa and his young brother also assistant Allan Kiwa had stakes in the Goodlyfe properties mainly the Makindye based home and the cars plus a couple of other properties.

But seeing the situation was getting out of hand and embarrassing after Radio’s death as his family tried to get a piece of the late singer’s property, Jeff said he was stepping out from that chaos considering he has made enough money and accumulated property else where.

He also added that he would be happy if his part of the estate was passed on to guys like Chagga who have worked quite hard for Goodlyfe as a whole and the late Mowzey Radio but dont have a lot to their names.