By our reporter

MP Sylvia Rwabwogo recently sent tongues wagging the country over when he sent a young man Brian Isiko, a secret admirer, to jail for allegedly vibing her. She called him a stalker, and later added he was being used in a plot to kill her.

However word reaching our desk indicates that the poor Kabarole MP Sylvia Rwabwogo was trying to impress and prove a point to her new boyfriend, who had doubts that the messages she was receiving on her phone were not from a person she was interested in.

The boyfriend in question is none other than EALA MP Denis Mbidde, also the vice president of the Democratic Party.

Ms Rwabogo was almost bringing Mr Mbidde, a man admired by women for his pompous lifestyle and big political ambitions, to knees to propose when Isiko jumped into the scene with his “funny love stories”. Sylvia didn’t disappoint as she told the world that Isiko was a poor lad she cannot marry.
Well, Mbidde, who looks like Mr Moneybags, was in the background pulling the strings, and Rwabogo was proving to him a point that she has nothing to do with the poor Isiko.

The Kabarole MP in her 40s, has been desperately looking for suitor that she advertised quest in the leading newspaper as single and searching, and losing the Mbidde was a last card she was playing.
News which appeared in Red Pepper tabloid have indicated that Sylivia has since introduced Mbidde to her parents and she was accompanied by none other than Haruna Kasolo, the state minister for microfinance. Mbidde has many friends like Norbert Mao, but since he discovered Sylvia’s love for moneyed men, he had to turn up with a minister with something to do with money!!!

It would be good news for Mbidde too, who also lost his wife, Susan Namaganda a couple of years ago in a Masaka road accident. If he lands Sylvia, the EALA MP would have ended the dry spell and embarrassment of freelancing.
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