By Catherine Apolot

Jeannette Kagame, the First Lady of Rwanda has asked African government to give women more leadership positions as a solution to curbing corruption. She said women tend to behave more honestly than men and are concerned about fairness in their decisions.

Ms. Kagame made the request during the 11th Pan African Parliament Conference on the Rights of Women that took place in Kigali Rwanda this week.

“Several studies suggest that women are less corrupt, and that companies with a higher number of women in decision making perform better in terms of resource management and maintaining a zero tolerance level for corruption,” she said.

Ms. Kagame noted that women in leadership are proactive and social agents of change which is a game changer in the fight against corruption in Africa.

Alhagie Mbow, a legislator from The Gambia, reinforced the assertion that women’s leadership is crucial in combating corruption and bolstering African economies.

Responding to the findings, Buyende Woman MP Babrye Veronica Kadogo, observed that indeed corruption is a cancer affecting development because it affects all sectors. She noted that women are affected the most because corruption affects service delivery especially in the areas of health, infrastructure, education, water, sanitation, and other social sectors, which mainly affect women and children.