By Herbert Bukenya

As Ugandans in Sweden continue to assert that SK Mbuga has a real case to answer over defrauding a Swedish national a one Stein Heinsoo who was a boyfriend to Mbuga’s current wife Viviene Chebet, the mystery tycoon continues to dispute this.

Mbuga in a recent phone interview with a local TV station said it is true he is in a Dubai prison although he prefers to call it a correction facility where he went voluntarily after he was stopped at one of the airports while he was trying to connect to Uganda.

He says up to now, the authorites in the UAE have failed to find any evidence linking him to any fraud even after consulting with those in Sweden so he hasnt been charged inspite of being held for a while now.

Mbuga added that he would be out of jail already but has been delayed a little as the lawyer he had initially hired to sort out his bail papers as investigations continue made some mistakes.

As a result Mbuga says he hired another lawyer to fast-track the paper work to his freedom and will be out of the correction centre soon.

About his wife, the mystery tycoon who alleges he has businesses in Dubai , insists she is fine.

Mbuga says her issue was just a business misunderstanding like any other that can happen between business partners and it is being sorted out at that level blaming mafias in Uganda for all the ‘false’ news about him being a wanted fraudster and insisting they will not pull him down.