By Watchdog reporter

During weekend, it was rumoured that Police had arrested tycoon Jack Pemba  at Entebbe Airport while trying to leave the country. He was pinned to be dealing in money laundering.

It was further alleged that he was being detained in Nalufenya Prison in Jinja where he will be extradited to Tanzania to answer the series of money laundering cases leveled against him.

However, the city socialite has come out to poor cold water on the rumours which are currently beating around all platforms of media.

According to Pemba Sports Africa boss, he has never been involved in any form of money laundering and that neither he was arrested by Uganda Police or Interpol citing that the rumour is being spread by jealous people who want to tarnish his name.

“There’s an ongoing rumour that I deal in money laundering, that is not true. My name is clean as a white sheet. I have no bad record with Uganda Police or Interpol, am a clean British Citizen,”said Pemba.

“I have invested shs2 billion in Ugandan sports, I have won four gold medals for Ugandan government. Am a self made millionaire, the whole of East Africa please stop this rumour,” He added.

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